Thursday, December 28, 2006

endless drives to taco bell and the gutting of saddam

Thursday, December 28, 2006--a day filled to the brim with watching reruns of mythbusters, reading old, yellow-aged parchment-like newsweeks, and driving around the city with no destination. Well, actually, there was a destination: Taco Bell.

While cruising around on this giant network which people call the internet, I read a story on the drudge about Saddam being executed BY this Sunday.
The story of Saddam is an ironic one. Consider this: The 95% of the people in my life have stated that Saddam was an evil, fire-breathing, man-slaughtering, womanizing, “satanistic” devil-tyrant who committed atrocious crimes against the glorious people of Iraq. Ok, I’ll agree that Saddam was a tyrant who indeed killed people, but should we treat him with the genocidal status that really should go to leaders of the Janjaweed in Sudan? These crazies in Sudan have been killing each other and displacing each other for a while now. C’mmon…there are much more evil people in the world than Saddam Hussein. Now saying this, I could further say that instead of initially allocating the valuable assets of the US military to Iraq, the brave and dashing leaders of this country could have sent our boys to the troubled areas surrounding Khartoum. What we have now is a destroyed Iraq in the midst of a civil war while in Sudan, thousands are dying.

Has anything good happened since Saddam was thrown from his pulpit?

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