Thursday, January 11, 2007


with news of 21,000 more soldiers being sent to iraq, i'm wondering what people are thinking about the current situation.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

the caste system in the united states

we citizens in the united states know for a fact that freedom reigns supreme in these parts. we know that we live in a grand old country that lets us shoot our guns, drink our beer, speak our minds, marry guys (that is, of course, if you're gay--i am not an enthusiastic supporter of gay marriage), become instant millionaires, etc., etc., etc. we love this land.

along with all of the freedoms granted to us citizens, one of the most important is the fact that we are all equal; equality. no one man is greater than another. we all have equal opportunities to succeed in this great country of ours. right?

hell no.

as a student preparing for college, i know that equality is not as strong in this country as it seems to be. put yourself in the shoes of a college-bound senior applying to colleges here and there. these students have a plethora of institutions to plug their applications into, but let's face it: most colleges out there are pretty crappy, and if they're not ivy leagues or within the top, let's say, 30 list, then they're shit. to really succeed in this world, one needs serious education at a serious school. getting into these "serious" schools is an uphill battle that most applicants lose.

in the US today, the eight ivy league schools and a handful of other elite schools are harder to get into than the white house, literally. you'd probably have a better chance of getting to sing at the white house for the annual student christmas concert with a handful of other school choirs than get into an ivy league. these elite schools, which are princeton, harvard, yale, upenn, caltech, mit, duke, cornell, stanford, columbia, stanford, dartmouth, and brown, are so competitive that, from what i've heard from friends and family, students with even outstanding scores on their sats (2100+), outstanding highscool records (4.0+), outstanding extracurriculars (football, basketball, golf, community service, etc.), and outstanding reps get rejected from these elite schools. there are so many damn students who are top notch that they all get rejected. so who goes to these elitest schools?

watch the news. although the story has receded in a sense, the duke rape scandal reveals who goes to these schools: bitchass-drunk, sex-crazed lacrosse players. those atheletes who play for these elite schools don't have to do a damn thing. all they have to do is show up for practice two times a day and party hard on the weekends. not only do athletes have easy access to these ivy leagues, but the sons and daughters of ceos, senators, socialites, etc. to me, it seems like the only way to get into these ivy leagues is by either being ridiculously adept at a sport, or being the child of someone famous.

no way do "average" high achieving students have a chance at these schools. today, straight-a's and excellent standardized test scores mean little. these elite institutions have evolved into pits full athletes, socialites, and those few students who are genuinely brilliant. and in the future, graduates of these elite schools go on to become great people while us normal students have to work twice as hard to achieve half the greatness of those ivy bitches.

who said that this land was equal?

health-nut saddam


["Less than 48 hours before he was hanged, Saddam Hussein said he had doubled the workout on his treadmill to be in good shape when he faced the gallows, according to his Iraqi lawyer."

"...I am making extra effort to prove to them that an Arab dies with honor and dignity defending honourable principles."]

to tell you the truth, if i were saddam, i would say 'screw dignity' and take the offered tranquilizers.

Monday, January 8, 2007


remember what john kerry said a while back? we all remember that quote. who could possibly forget that painful soundbite? well, during precal today, conversation about that sorry-ass excuse of a joke popped up. the following is direct dialogue from the argument between the four conservatives and the one liberal in the class. observe:

liberal: "no, it was a botched joke you turd. watch any political commentary on tv instead of listening to your bible-hugging parents and maybe you'll learn that kerry made a mistake."

conservative 2: "seriously, you're gay. obviously you don't understand the fact that john kerry is a liberal democrat who opposes the war and opposes the soldiers."

liberal: "(to both conservatives)...yall are seriously homo">

the argument ended there because the lone liberal didn't have enough fodder to continue and also because the teacher called the class back to order.

although i had many things i wanted to contribute to the argument, i couldn't because i was way on the other side of the room. but here's what i would've said:

1) like the liberal stated, it was a botched joke. to quote one of the many pundits on air, "it was a botched joke. john kerry is not a comedian!"

2) people slip up.

it's not much, but it's the truth. just because one's adversary made an honest mistake doesn't give the opponent the right to prance on that mistake. well, actually, it does because when in a battle, like john kerry was in with dubbyah, you can't really mess up. i guess it was john kerry's fault for screwing up so bad, regardless of the innocence of his botched joke.

nonetheless, conservatives need to understand the reality of error.

Sunday, January 7, 2007



more averages

yep, it's that time again. i've been curious about how many iraqi civilians would perish during the ongoing conflict. according to the iraq body count (iraq body count), there have been 55,654 iraqi civilian deaths since the start of the iraqi war. as of today, 1389 days of conflict have passed. that's 40 iraqi casualties per day. two more years of this fighting will bring at least 29,244 more iraqi deaths. so in total, five years of war (2003-2008) will bring approximately 84,898 iraqi civilian deaths.

84,898 dead people--i thought conservatives were pro-life...

stanford v. virginia!

2:00; FSN; *watch it and pray that stanford gets it's ass beat*