Monday, January 8, 2007


remember what john kerry said a while back? we all remember that quote. who could possibly forget that painful soundbite? well, during precal today, conversation about that sorry-ass excuse of a joke popped up. the following is direct dialogue from the argument between the four conservatives and the one liberal in the class. observe:

liberal: "no, it was a botched joke you turd. watch any political commentary on tv instead of listening to your bible-hugging parents and maybe you'll learn that kerry made a mistake."

conservative 2: "seriously, you're gay. obviously you don't understand the fact that john kerry is a liberal democrat who opposes the war and opposes the soldiers."

liberal: "(to both conservatives)...yall are seriously homo">

the argument ended there because the lone liberal didn't have enough fodder to continue and also because the teacher called the class back to order.

although i had many things i wanted to contribute to the argument, i couldn't because i was way on the other side of the room. but here's what i would've said:

1) like the liberal stated, it was a botched joke. to quote one of the many pundits on air, "it was a botched joke. john kerry is not a comedian!"

2) people slip up.

it's not much, but it's the truth. just because one's adversary made an honest mistake doesn't give the opponent the right to prance on that mistake. well, actually, it does because when in a battle, like john kerry was in with dubbyah, you can't really mess up. i guess it was john kerry's fault for screwing up so bad, regardless of the innocence of his botched joke.

nonetheless, conservatives need to understand the reality of error.

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navynich19 said...

Thank you! I'm sick of conservatives making liberal out to be a four letter word!