Monday, January 1, 2007

to whoever it may concern, please read the following

i remember when i first heard that the war had started--i was in the kitchen cooking spaghetti for my famished stomach. i, along with a vast majority of the nation, knew that war was looming on the horizon; no one could ignore bush's words to "disarm" within 24 hours.

i still remember watching the msnbc footage of the cruise missiles being launched from warships in the persian gulf. those cruise missiles looked so powerful, lighting up the bright sky so magnificently. to tell you the truth, i thought the US would win the "war" within several weeks. how wrong was I?

that was over three years ago. 2003. today, it is 2007. war still rages on.

sure, significant changes have taken place in iraq: saddam was captured and killed. a new democratic government was installed. for all of you out there who think that it is still an essential task to stay the course, consider this: massive civilian casualties. massive US casualties. increased civil violence. sectarianism. damaged iraqi infrastructure. coalition occupation of iraq. and finally, no end in sight.

it's been way too long. our troops have been there for more than three years, and for what reason? so many people in high places today say that it is time for them to come home. when so many powerful and intelligent people say that it is time to pull the plug, something tells me that it's time to pull the plug.

3000 dead...

...but for what?

it makes me angry when people die just because one person refuses to admit his failure.

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